P.IP.E. (Personal & Interpersonal Effectiveness)

Is a 3-day program designed to identify and understand one's and others' personality preferences and how these affect personal and interpersonal interactions and work productivity. This particular workshop is intended to serve as a venue for generating observations and insights that can strategically impact on the participants both personally and professionally and to explore concrete actions that will push forward both the individual's aspirations and the department's primary purposes. The workshop provides the structure and the process that creates an opportunity for unclogging organizational and personal "pipes" and harnessing the collective energies that can help propel the entire business to greater heights.

TEAMS (Together Everyone Achieves More Success)

Is a 3-day program designed to help participants understand and appreciate their changing roles and work structures in a team context as the organization responds to strategic changes; the participants acquire tools and techniques for making organizational teams work at their highest potential.

CHANGE (Cultivating High Performance Amidst New Opportunities for Growth & Empowerment)

Is a 2-day change management workshop designed along major learning tracks i.e. Principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Bridges Model for Managing Change and Organizational Systems Model; the participants are coached in a process of identifying their own customized personal learning tracks.

L.E.A.P. (Leadership Effectiveness and Advancement Program)

This 2-day workshop is designed to enhance the collective leadership spirit and skills that provide energy for the organization to perform at its maximum. It creates opportunities for generating observations and insights that can strategically impact on the participants both personally and professionally and to explore concrete actions that will push forward both the individual's aspirations and the organization's primary purposes. The workshop focuses on harnessing the collective skills of the leaders, with the intention of propelling the organization to greater heights. A 3-day version of this program incorporates an action-learning approach to leadership development using Kouzes and Posner's leadership model.

M.A.G.I.C. (Managerial Advanced Guide for Interpersonal Communication, Care, and Connection)

Is a 3-day workshop designed to provide participants with opportunities to recreate the magical qualities of transformation communication. The intention is to help the managers and supervisors get their Super Vision going and for them to reinforce their organizational commitment to a more mature and caring management of their people. The workshop provides the opportunity to practice concrete skills in identified critical supervisory scenarios. Effective supervisory management, like magic, is the result of a combination of clarity of purpose, focused efforts, and managed time, and relentless commitment to lasting behaviors. M.A.G.I.C. is an attempt to provide a way for making the manager or supervisor's job, in a sense, more magical. This workshop is highly customizable and allows the client to develop their skills along pre-identified learning tracks.

S.T.E.P. (Strategic Team Effectiveness Program)

This 2-day workshop is designed to elevate the effectiveness level of the team and to improve team members' alignment with their respective roles and responsibilities. Among other things, it provides the participants with opportunities to renew themselves, to take a firmer hold of themselves especially when faced with changes and adversity, and to strengthen their team commitment.

G.I.S.T. (Guide to Interviewing & Selection Techniques)

This 2-day workshop covers the essential areas of Employee Selection and Interviewing, especially as this relates to recruitment, performance coaching, counseling, mentoring, training and retention of talents. The workshop approach is systemic and integrative - it does not look at the interview process piecemeal. Instead, it looks at the interviewing and selection process as part of a bigger system and helps the client evaluate and integrate currently useful tools and techniques into a more workable process that incorporates five significant components: business focus, recruitment, assessment, interviewing, and development.

Business Presentation Skills Workshop

This 2-day workshop is intended to provide an opportunity for Managers and Key Officers or Representatives of the company to enhance their skills in organizing, preparing, and delivering powerful company presentations. It aims to make the participants feel comfortable presenting in a course environment while demonstrating their presentation planning, structure, and delivery skills.

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