Harrison Assessments
provides recruitment and employee development solutions that predict and develop job performance while enhancing fair hiring practices and work satisfaction. Our recruitment solutions include pre screening using an online customizable job eligibility test, an online personality test that measures 156 traits, customizable interview questions and scoring guides, technology that integrates all assessments into an overall score, automated applicant notification and an ATS (applicant tracking system) that includes all of the above.

Our employee development technologies target work satisfaction, employee retention, succession planning and performance coaching based on job specific success factors. Our unique ParadoxTechnology(TM) provides essential insight for leadership development and team building.

How Harrison Assessment works?
Harrison Assessments accurately measures a person's preferences of a wide range of tasks and then maps these preferences against clearly defined job functions. The reports Harrison Assessment produce are detailed, specific and easy to use. They enable you to select the right person, know how to offer a position in the way that will attract them and identify the best ways that you can develop an individual further. Whether you are a manager, an HR practitioner or a professional coach, or whatever role that requires the need to select high performing individuals or develop them into one, Harrison Assessment helps you deliver on demand.

This existing technology can help you:

1. Find the right persons for the right position and the right positions for the right persons.

2. Determine the traits that help contribute to job success in your organization.

3. Align existing human resource and organization development structures.

4. Predict more accurately job suitability - thus ensuring high productivity, better job performance, greater job satisfaction for the employee and lover turnover for the organization.

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